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NOTE: This is for NEW sign-ups only. If you have EXISTING Web and Email services, but need to make a change, please use our Self-Help System (Login Required) .

These services are provided at NO COST to amateur radio operators and organizations, although donations are encouraged and very much appreciated (and needed). See our donation page for more information on how to make a donation.

Step 1
Please choose the service you would like set up for you:

Email Forwarding Only
We will create an e-mail address in the format of [email protected]. Any mail sent to this address will be automatically forwarded to the e-mail address you specified above.

Website plus E-Mail Forwarding
We will create an e-mail forwarding address as explained above, plus we will create a website in the format of You will be given a username and password so you can use FTP software to upload your HTML web pages and other files -- no PHP or other scripting languages and/or database access is available. If you require PHP, MySQL Databases, etc., we suggest applying for hosting service at If you sign-up for a Website account, you will automatically receive an email forwarding address. If you really do not want an email forwarding address, you can use our Self-Help System to disable it.

Mailman Mailing List
We will create an e-mail Mailing List, using the Mailman software. You can choose the name of the list, and it will have an e-mail address of [email protected]. You will need to assign a mailing list administrator to deal with the day-to-day support requests and maintenance of the list. You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of a list owner here (will open a new window). A donation to of $25 per year per mailing list is suggested.

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