NOTE: New Self-Help System Now Operational!

Login into our new Self-Help System, and perform these functions:
  • Request a Password Reset.
  • Change the FTP Password to something you like better.
  • Change your Email Forwarding address.
  • Enable or Disable the EMail Forwarding service.
  • Enable or Disable your Web Site.
  • Delete an existing Mailman Mailing List

NOTE: All sites now have SSL / HTTPS

One of our most requested features is now live! If you have a website on, it is now using https / SSL. For example, volunteer WJ3R has his website at -- you will notice that if you visit his site, it will immediately redirect to use https, so the URL is now, and most browsers will show a green lock or some notification that the site is secure.

If your site is showing some type of security error, it is possible that you have non-secure items on your page, which cause 'mixed content' errors. You can find these issues by entering your website into the free site at -- this will tell you what parts of your site have insecure content, so you can fix the problem.
Having FTP problems? Check your FTP program for these settings:
  • SERVER: Be sure you are using for the server name and not just or
  • USERNAME: Be sure you enter your username as lowercase. i.e. w1aw not W1AW
To log into the Self-Help System, use your existing FTP username and password. If you do not know your username and/or password, use the "Forgot your Password" feature on the Login page, and we will send you a password reset email. If you cannot receive the password reset email, then use the form on our Contact Us page for help.

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